Your patients deserve every advantage. So do you.

A Risk Retention Group owned by its policyholders.

Oceanus Insurance is a non-assessable Risk Retention Group (RRG) that is wholly owned by its policyholders. As a member-physician, not only are you entitled to uniquely designed liability coverage that meets your specific needs, but you will share in the underwriting profitability of the group as well through lower premiums.

Membership in the Risk Retention Group also means that you’ll benefit from:

• lower premiums
• effective loss control
• broader coverage
• stability of coverage regardless of insurance market cycles

Ultimately, the strength of your membership lies in our capacity to assess and price risk so you receive the most comprehensive and most flexible insurance coverage possible. Your practice is unique, and your coverage should be customized to reflect that reality. That’s what Oceanus brings to the table. That is the Oceanus Advantage.

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If you are a current insured of Oceanus Insurance Company and have any questions regarding your policy or need to report an incident or claim, please contact your medical malpractice insurance broker directly. All claims must be reported in a timely manner through your broker.