We are committed to providing unparalleled flexibility.

We price our coverage to your specific medical malpractice insurance risk.

At Oceanus Insurance Company, we “price to the risk”. In other words, we recognize that no two medical practices are exactly alike, and we incorporate that fact into creative unique medical malpractice insurance solutions. Your coverage is customized to meet the specific and individual needs of your practice.

That way, we can provide the most comprehensive and most flexible insurance coverage at the best possible price. And since we’re owned by our policyholders, Oceanus provides greater control over the liability programs of our member-physicians. Commonly, this control translates into lower premiums, broader coverage, effective loss control/risk management programs, participation by member-physicians with favorable loss experience, access to reinsurance markets, and stability of coverage.

Ultimately, the strength of your membership lies in our capacity to assess and price risk so you receive the most comprehensive and most flexible insurance coverage possible. Your practice is unique, and your coverage should be customized to reflect that reality. That’s what Oceanus brings to the table.

That is the Oceanus Advantage.