About Us


From adversity, a better way.

An innovative solution to skyrocketing medical malpractice insurance premiums.

Malpractice insurance premiums are an increasing expense against decreasing revenue for most physicians. At the turn of this century, physicians were faced with escalating premiums and a lack of viable options. In response to these unfavorable conditions, a motivated group of like-minded physicians and surgeons came together to develop their own solution and created Oceanus Insurance Company.

Today, Oceanus continues to grow in membership while maintaining stability for physicians looking to free themselves from unpredictable market influences.

Domiciled in South Carolina, Oceanus is a non-assessable Risk Retention Group (RRG) that is wholly owned by its policy holders. We provide medical professional liability insurance to physicians and surgeons through independent insurance agents.

If you are a current insured of Oceanus Insurance Company and have any questions regarding your policy or need to report an incident or claim, please contact your medical malpractice insurance broker directly. All claims must be reported in a timely manner through your broker.